Wednesday, December 18, 2013

”.. and Harold Crick lived his life”

Yes, you can call me abundant person in the citizen, because of this case. For the long-term-sake of my life, whyyy i watch Stranger Than Fiction just right now in November 2013??!! 
But after I watched it, maybe i should be late to watch this movie. It served on the right time. So, this screenshots of the movie, i guess as the punch of the scenes that tear me up apart. 
This Harold Crick was an ordinary man who worked as accountant. The life was normal, routine, precise, and you may say dull. But one time, he found a scene of his life, arranged him to met a revolutionary woman that owned a bakery shop, whom didn’t pay the taxes for government, so he had to audit her bakery shop. After the first met, he found that he had a secret obsession about this woman, and the wristwatch of his, helped him to met this woman again.
(How interesting!) 
Then i found out the script said,” ..Harold Crick lived his life.” 
He started to chased that woman. 
He made friendship in the office.
He took annual leave for holiday.
He learnt how to played a guitar.
He’s trying to got out of the dull cage and chased his life back.
When he did, all that i got from it said was,
"Lived as if it’s going to be taken by God anytime, anywhere, so when it happen, we could say “Take me now, God, i lived my life.” “
We got nothin’ to regret anymore, and Harold Crick just did.

Who can’t resist to be forever young. Yes, that’s me one of it!
Young is the most appealing words that i’ve ever heard. It gives you the sound and vision of silliness, livin’ out of loud, rebellion, the excitement to seek sunshine and dancing in the rain. 
"Bitch please" is my successful mantra to live forever young :)
Soooo, “Bitch please” everybody!